With years of experience managing the family office’s private aircraft, our team experts are extensively experienced in jet operations, especially in Asia.

We are familiar with all aspects of jet operation, starting from aircraft selection, price negotiations, legal issues during transactions, nationality registration processes, management company selection, to everyday issues such as route planning and application with authorities. Our team have created an extensive network of connections in the industry globally, from ground handlers, fuel providers, airport authorities, to maintenance facilities and custom aircraft interior completion centers.

We believe we can help any jet owner improve their jet ownership experience.


Experience the luxury of flying privately. Breeze through the airport within minutes of arriving, no line up, no rushing, just board the plane; it is that easy with a private jet. Flying commercially is akin to traveling like a herd of cattle on a semi-trailer. Private jets offer a breath of fresh air, preferred cuisine, drink or music? It is all prepared for you just the way you like it!

Jets under our management are for private charter upon request. Please contact us for further detail to embark on the experience of true luxury.

  1. ACJ318
  2. Range: 4000 nautical miles
  3. Seats: Certified for 19 passengers with 3 sofa-beds

  4. ACJ319
  5. Range: 4500 nautical miles
  6. Seats: Certified for 19 passengers with 12 full flat seating
  7. On board shower in private bedroom
  8. Fashion brand designed interior


The freedom to go where you choose, a yacht charter is the perfect vacation. New destinations everyday, deserted private beaches, secret getaways, your own playground on the water! Cocktails in the hot tub, yoga on the sundeck, once you step onboard you leave the stress of life on land and behind. Our superyacht based in Taiwan can be chartered upon request. Please contact us for more details.

  1. Esther 7
  2. Bedrooms for 12 passengers overnight stay
  3. Daytime cruising accommodates up to 30 passengers
  4. All rooms equipped with full shower, toilet, TV and smartphone audio interface
  5. Spacious and luxurious living room with large windows looking into the ocean on both directions
  6. Sundeck with industrial BBQ grille and Jacuzzi spa

VIP Trip Planning

With many years of private jet and yacht trip planning, we have an amazing team of experts ready to support, advice and assist you in every aspect. Whatever your destination may be, our innovative team will handle all your requirements with the utmost professionalism and discretion.