Wealth Management
& Investment

We offer a total outsourced solution to set up and manage a portfolio of financial and real asset investment of your family wealth. Implementing an asset allocation strategy that not only conserves wealth, but also augments and grows the wealth over generations. We serve our shareholders by selecting sustainably managed properties or development in countries/areas of potential growth.

North America

Properties: 7

Approx. Exposure: 21,000,000 USD

Greater China

Properties: 21

Approx. Exposure: 37,000,000 USD


Properties: 10

Approx. Exposure: 28,000,000 USD

Southeast Asia

Properties: 1

Approx. Exposure: 2,300,000 USD


Properties: 2

Approx. Exposure: 20,000,000 USD

Mobile Assets

Properties: 3

Approx. Exposure: 130,000,000 USD

Global Portfolio Exposure(USD)