Hatano Kanko Group is a full service hotel operator specializing in the Japanese "Onsen Ryokan" category. "Onsen" in Japanese means natural ground hot spring water while “Ryokan” means staying lodge. Onsen ryokans are a specialty of Japanese culture, providing a place to relax, recharge, and heal both the mind and body.

We pride ourselves in having a multicultural team of staff offering the upmost professional management of these splendid properties located in exotic locations. Our goal is to present Japanese culture in it’s best form to tourist from all over the world. From interior renovations to innovative menu creations, we transform old and neglected properties into flourishing ryokans providing one of a kind experiences for travelers.

Our short stay service offers the perfect way to utilize unused assets that our shareholders own in beautiful locations across the world.

With trilingual staffs ready to assist foreign guests by providing promptly and effectively service, we make sure our guests are always satisfied even for the most experienced travelers.

Our short stay service is ideal for people who want to experience the authentic flavor of the locality.

We also provide necessary services to list out your unused property, please contact us for more details.